Our missions

Save Your Logo, an innovative project to protect biodiversity

A very large number of companies have chosen biodiversity symbols as logos or as part of their specific media campaigns. They thus use the image of an animal or plant such as the Lacoste crocodile, the MAAF dolphin or any of the hundreds of other species associated with specific brands.

The SAVE YOUR LOGO concept is simple: to involve these brands in the preservation of the species that have contributed so much to their success and thereby offer companies the opportunity of contri­buting to and of supporting actions of biodiversity

The main activities conducted by The Explorers Foundation

Nepal (Rhinoceros and Gharial), China (Chinese alligator)

North America:
USA (American crocodile), Mexico (Vaquita)

South America and West Indies:
Colombia (Orinoco crocodile, Pink dolphin), Guiana(Guiana dolphin), Guadeloupe (Bottlenose dolphin and Rough-toothed Dolphin)

France (Golden eagle and Bottlenose dolphin)

Philippines (Philippines crocodile)

Africa and Indian Ocean:
Niger (Nile Crocodile), Burkina Faso (African Elephant), Comoros, Reunion and Mayotte (Bottlenose dolphin and Long-beaked Dolphin)

The Explorers Foundation is developing a portfolio of projects for new initiatives in 2013:2014: these projects are finalized as agreements are signed with corporate donors. The information platform that has been developed around the programs and The Explorers Foundation’s actions as a whole constitutes the first step towards our goal of im­proving awareness and education in respect of our common environmental heritage and of the health of our planet.