The Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversity,

an innovative approach to mobilize private funds in favor of biodiversity

The Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversity (The Explorers Foundation) is a French institution without profit purpose, founded in 2009 with two objectives :

  • To support the protection of biodiversity in all its forms,
  • To raise awareness of the environment and promote environmental education as a whole.

The The Explorers Foundation approaches businesses and the general public to raise funds to develop actions for the preservation of plant and animal species, as well as education initiatives. Do­nations received in France qualify as tax-deductible chari­table contributions .

The management principles of the The Explorers Foundation are based on rigor and transparency. The financial statements are certified by an auditor. They are published at the end of each year, together with a report on the Fund’s activities. The The Explorers Foundation is subject in France to the control of the public authorities.

Dependent upon the monetary donations received, the The Explorers Foundation decides to support competent and recognized organizations to enable them to carry out specific biodiversity initiatives. The choice of field operators is made following proposals by the The Explorers Foundation’s scientific committee.

Several options are offered to corporate donors, depending on the size of their financial contribution and on their commit­ment to the protection of plant or animal species. The main initiative that has been developed by the The Explorers Foundation is the «Save your logo» program that is appropriate for companies whose logo is a plant or animal species.

The The Explorers Foundation is has also been created to collect donations from the general public.

The different types of contribution received from companies

Dependent upon the size of the financial contri­bution made, the The Explorers Foundation proposes to the companies conservation programs in respect of the specific species concerned:

  • Support of actions already being undertaken by the The Explorers Foundation
  • Commitment to protect the endangered animal or plant species
  • Preservation of the species represented in the company logo via the SAVE YOUR LOGO initiative

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