MAAF Assurances has joined the “Save Your Logo”* programme to do its part in preserving biodiversity and protecting threatened species.

The dolphin has been closely associated with MAAF’s corporate image for close to 20 years. On its 40th anniversary, in 1991, MAAF changed its visual corporate identity and adopted the dolphin as its logo. This choice was prompted by the desire to express the brand’s new positioning through the values symbolised by the dolphin, unifying values.

Protection and assistance, attentiveness and foresight, reliability and speed are the values MAAF draws on each day to build a fair, balanced and efficient relationship of mutual trust with its members, employees and partners.

As a responsible company, MAAF Assurances has for several years been involved in environmental protection. This can be seen at local level with its participation since 2007 in the Idéal 79 programme launched by Niort metropolitan council (Communauté d’agglomération de Niort) with the aim of reducing the production and toxicity of waste. At national level, MAAF took part in first Fête de la Nature (2007) whose purpose is to heighten public awareness of the urgency of the need to preserve biodiversity. In 2005, MAAF became the first insurance company in France to promote ‘green’ cars, by offering a rebate of €100 to customers with low-pollution vehicles. It created the Prix Auto Environnement* award the same year.

It was therefore a natural move for MAAF to decide to join the “Save your logo” programme, reflecting its determination to support projects aimed at preserving biodiversity and protecting threatened species so that future generations can enjoy an environment as rich as the one we live in today.

For further information, please visite our web site “L’écho du dauphin”

* This award is granted by a jury of journalists to the vehicles that best represent carmakers’ efforts in favour of the environment.

About MAAF

MAAF Assurances SA is an insurance firm that offers a range of services. Its portfolio encompasses life, accident, health, property, and risk insurance solutions. The group also offers consulting services for its clients. It operates through a network of agents across France. Groupe MAAF was founded in 1950 and is based in Chauray, France