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Good news for Panda ?

A Panda census which has recently started in China is expected to confirm a slight recovery in numbers of one of the world’s most endangered species.

In 2004, the Chinese forest department estimated that 1600 pandas were left in the wild. This two-year survey is the most comprehensive and sophisticated study ever made of the wild population and their habitat. It will cover 3200 square kilometers even though the species distribution is much bigger. The results will not be available until at least 2013, but one senior technical adviser, Wei Fuwen of the Institute of Zoology Chinese Academy of Sciences, was optimistic: ”The number of pandas has definitely increased due to the laws and regulations that have been passed to protect the species and the forests. But it is too early to say how much of a rise there has been”. Even if a small gain is confirmed, the panda is not out of danger particularly because of habitat loss. For further information: (Jonathan Watts / December 4, 2011).