Lacoste mission in China

From May 17th to 22nd, the FDB team traveled with Michel Lacoste to China to participate in the experimental reintroduction of six Chinese alligators, an initiative carried out by Dr.  Wu’s research team at Anhui Normal University. The release of these six specimens follows on from  the first experimental reintroductions that were carried out in 2006. The localisation of each of the released individuals can be monitored several times a day thanks to VHF equipment, thus allowing for an excellent understanding of the released individuals´ movements and use of space.

Only 120 alligators now remain in the wild, making of this species (endemic to China) one of the rarest crocodile species in the wild. For the reconstitution of the population, the monitoring of the gene pool of the species by the several breeding centers has allowed for  the selection of individuals most capable of generating  the maximum  population diversity.

At the same time, major wetland restoration projects in the region have made possible the reintroduction of the species into the wild.

The latest news from the Chinese alligator program can be found on the FDB´s website: