Species Affected by Climate Change: To Shift or Not to Shift?

“Relocating species threatened by climate change is a radical and hotly debated strategy for maintaining biodiversity. In a paper published August 10 in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers from CSIRO, University of Queensland and United States Geological Survey present a pragmatic decision framework for determining when, if ever, to move species in the face of climate change…]

[…Managed relocation, also known as assisted colonization, of species involves moving plants or animals from an area that is, or will become, untenable because of climate change, to areas where there are more suitable climatic conditions but in which the plants or animals have not occurred previously.

"While the virtues of managed relocation of species are being debated by the scientific community, the reality is that it is already occurring... - Dr. McDonald-Madden, researcher at the CSIRO and the University of Queensland...]

[…”Without relocating species we are destined to lose some of our most important and iconic wildlife, but at the end of the day we also need viable ecosystems into which we can move species… – CSIRO researcher Dr. Tara Martin”


ScienceDaily (Aug. 9, 2011)