January 2013
Article 1

Results of PHOTO’s competition

As part of its partnership with PHOTO magazine for the 2012 photograph’s competition, the The Explorers Foundation participated in the jury to select and award the winner of the category “Biodiversity”. Paradoxically, we can’t see any fauna or flora on the selected picture but the mankind in the middle of the ford, looking for water: [...]

November 2012

Did you know?

Orchid seeds need a microscopic fungus to germinate. This phenomenon can be considered as a symbiosis. The fungus destroys the very resistant seed coat and feed the seed to help it germinating. Once well developed, the orchid feed back the fungus.

November 2012

The specie of the month : the Kiwi

The Kiwi is a bird living in New-Zealand. Because of its atrophied wings, it is not able to fly. But this peculiarity is not a handicap since the kiwi doesn’t have natural terrestrial predators, or should we say didn’t have. The introduction of predators such as rats, ferrets, dogs and opossums is responsible of the [...]

November 2012

A new impetus for Nile crocodile conservation in Niger

The The Explorers Foundation recently started a new partnership with the association COECO, to develop a Nile crocodile conservation project in Niger, notably by strengthening the wild population of Nile crocodile which is very threatened locally. Last summer, the site of the future crocodile study centre has been precisely identified with local community consultation, on [...]

September 2012

Did you know?

A magpie (Pica pica) recognize itself in the mirror! Several individuals of the specie indeed passed the test of “Self-consciousness”: when placed in front of a mirror, the magpie tries to get rid of the red stain the scientist drew previously on its neck.

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