August 2011

Lacoste mission in China

From May 17th to 22nd, the The Explorers Foundation team traveled with Michel Lacoste to China to participate in the experimental reintroduction of six Chinese alligators, an initiative carried out by Dr.  Wu’s research team at Anhui Normal University. The release of these six specimens follows on from  the first experimental reintroductions that were carried [...]

June 2011
Newsletter FR Mai_juin_img_27

Tree Growth and Fecundity Affected More by Climate Change Than Previously Thought

ScienceDaily (Apr. 4, 2011) An 18-year study of 27,000 individual trees from over 40 different species by the National Science Foundation (NSF) found that tree growth and fecundity were more sensitive to climate change than previously thought. The study, published on April 5th 2011 in the journal Global Change Biology, identified earlier spring warming as [...]

April 2011
Crocodile américain

“Save Your Logo” tracking the movements of Crocodiles and Alligators

Lacoste, the French clothing company with the crocodile logo, is supporting some of our work in the Everglades via “Save Your Logo,” a nonprofit program that coordinates corporate funding for wildlife conservation and research. This project complements our ongoing alligator and crocodile monitoring program which examines patterns of movement and habitat use in Everglades National [...]

March 2011
Newsletter SYL Fev FR_4_Page_1_Image_0016

The The Explorers Foundation introduces itself to ESCP EUROPE

The Fonds de dotation pour la Biodiversité held a conference last January on biodiversity and the perspectives developed in Nagoya for an audience consisting mainly of ESCP Europe students and alumni. The conference also gave the opportunity to present the Fonds de dotation, its organization and its action programs. The exchanges that took place during [...]

February 2011
The Explorers Foundation protège l'aligator avec Lacoste

From Paris to the Everglades, Lacoste Protects Logo

French company first to connect its animal logo to the real animal It’s the hissing and thrashing that give you chills. When the six-foot-long alligator gets mad that a couple of researchers have dragged it out of the swamp and into their airboat, upset that they’ve taped its snout closed, that’s when you’re absolutely certain [...]

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