December 2011

Species of the month : the giraffe

The Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is a ruminant mammal native to the African savannahs. The name “giraffe” comes from Arabic meaning “beautiful.” The giraffe is singled out by its particularly elongated neck that permits it to feed from trees measuring up to 5.80 m in height. The last census estimated that between 11,000 and 150,000 individuals [...]

December 2011

Exceptional observation of a bear with three cubs in the Pyrenees

“A female bear accompanied by her three young cubs was observed and photographed by a hiker in the Ariège department, Sunday, October 9th, 2011. This observation follows a first sighting in late July in the same area except that on that occasion the presence of only two cubs was confirmed.  It is probable that this [...]

December 2011

The The Explorers Foundation establishes a partnership with the Mabuwaya Foundation in the Philippines

The Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversité has signed a collaboration agreement with the Mabuwaya Foundation in favor of the conservation of the Philippines crocodile (Crocodylus midorensis). The project titled « Cash for Communities Conserving Crocodiles (4Cs) », aims to provide direct payments to the rural communities for protecting crocodiles. The Philippines crocodile is severely threatened from [...]

September 2011

Species Affected by Climate Change: To Shift or Not to Shift?

“Relocating species threatened by climate change is a radical and hotly debated strategy for maintaining biodiversity. In a paper published August 10 in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers from CSIRO, University of Queensland and United States Geological Survey present a pragmatic decision framework for determining when, if ever, to move species in the face [...]

August 2011

Tree Growth and Fecundity Affected More by Climate Change Than Previously Thought

An 18-year study of 27,000 individual trees from over 40 different species by the National Science Foundation (NSF) found that tree growth and fecundity were more sensitive to climate change than previously thought. The study, published on April 5th 2011 in the journal Global Change Biology, identified earlier spring warming as one of several factors [...]

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