September 2012

Bad news for biodiversity

With the recent death of « Lonesome Georges », giant turtle of the Galapagos, it’s the entire specie Geochelone Abingdoni that becomes extinct. This male was the only survivor of the specie. He was discovered in 1972 on Pinta island, while scientists thought the specie had disappeared a long time ago because of whaler hunting in [...]

September 2012

Specie of the month

The Giant Chinese salamander The Giant Chinese salamander (Andrias davidianus) is the biggest amphibian in the world: it can be up to 1, 80 m and 65 kg! This animal hunts by night thanks to sensory receptors on the surface of the skin that can detect every water pressure change made by its preys (fishes, crustaceans, [...]

April 2012

Did you know it ?

Did you know why African elephant’s ears were so big? The African elephant uses its ears as a cooling system. They can measure 2 m2 and own a huge blood vessel network. When elephants move they ears, their blood temperature decreases by 5°C !

April 2012

Species of the month

The wild camel As what we are commonly taught, the Camel has two bumps whereas the Dromedary has only one. However, these two bumps are surprisingly not full of water but full of fat! They are in fact a precious stock of energy in a low resources desert environment. Moreover, when water is missing, the [...]

April 2012

News about worldwide Biodiversity

Good news for Panda ? A Panda census which has recently started in China is expected to confirm a slight recovery in numbers of one of the world’s most endangered species. In 2004, the Chinese forest department estimated that 1600 pandas were left in the wild. This two-year survey is the most comprehensive and sophisticated study [...]

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